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Q: Our father favors Western art and especially admires paintings by Frederic Remington. For his 60th birthday, we'd like to give him an original Remington oil painting, or a fine artist's reproduction or copy of one. Where can we find them? Also, is there a book on Remington's works you can recommend?

A: Original oil paintings by Frederic Sackrider Remington (1861- 1909), one of America'a best-known and celebrated Western artists, are sought after for their vivid portrayals of cowboys, Indians, cavalrymen, camp outs, war scenes and Western life. A gallery specializing in American Western art, including Remington's work, is Mongerson-Wunderlich, 704 N. Wells St., Chicago, Ill. 60610; phone (312) 943-2354.

Rudy Wunderlich, a Western art maven and historian, said that among the scarcest Remington oil paintings are those the artist painted in black and white. The gallery presently has two for sale. "Trout Fishing in Canada," painted in 1901, is $450,000; "Making Medicine Ponies," painted in 1890, is $250,000.

Also available from the gallery are "Frederic Remington -- The Master Works," $39 postpaid, a hardcover book that illustrates his career, and "The Contemporary Western Vision and Classic Nineteenth-Early Twentieth Century Western Art Catalog," $10 postpaid, which has 60 pages of color photos.

Admirers of Remington oil paintings who find original works too pricey for their pocketbooks might be interested in a copy done in oil on canvas, for $200 to $500. This is the type of work done by Andrew Weissman, 325 Alexis Court, Glenview, Ill. 60025, phone (708) 679-2649.

Mr. Weissman's reproductions of famous paintings are copied on canvases that differ in size from the originals and are marked and dated on the back as being reproductions.

Most of Mr. Weissman's canvases measure 24 by 41 inches, including his copies of Remington's "Cavalry Charge on the Southern Plains, 1860." The original, painted in 1907-'08, is 30 1/8 by 50 1/8 inches.

Mr. Weissman also has copied Remington's "Dash For a Timber, 1889," whose original canvas, 48 1/4 by 84 1/8 inches, is in the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth.

Mr. Weissman offers his reproductions of paintings, or original portraits of people, pets, houses or whatever one wishes, from life or color photos for $200 up.

Q: I have many old toy cap guns. Can you provide me with a source of information on them?

A: Write the Toy Gun Collectors of America, in care of Jim Buskirk, 430-B N. Lakeview, Suite 704, Anaheim, Calif. 92807, enclosing an addressed, stamped envelope for membership/newsletter information.

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