Babe Ruth StadiumThere have been many names...


Babe Ruth Stadium

There have been many names submitted for the new ballpark, and in all, the name of Babe Ruth stands out as the most popular one. Babe known as the Bambino, the Sulton of Swat, made many records that still stand, but the greatest disappointment to him, was not to be named as a major-league manager, only as a third-base coach, which he disliked. Another disappointment would be not naming the new stadium after him, posthumously. It would pay homage to a native son who did so much for the national pastime, for he deserves a lot of respect, whether he was at his best or worst.

Like Yankee Stadium that Ruth helped build, likewise the Baltimore stadium with Ruth's name, will help to be recognized nationwide. There will never be another Babe Ruth, no matter how long baseball is around.

Joseph Thaddeus Kasprzak


The circus is for comics

If John Buren of WJZ-TV 13 thinks he is a cute comic, he should join the circus.

Ray Narris


Buren one more time

Thank you, Brett Smith, for your letter to the editor expressing your views concerning John Buren, supposed sports reporter for WJZ-TV.

To add one word of my own would be redundant.

Theodore R. Bonwit


No love of game

The newly acquired Oriole, Glenn Davis, is an excellent example of today's type of sports figure. Mr. Davis could care less as to where he will be playing baseball this year. His main concern was a fast resolution to his contract status, whether it be the Orioles or some other naive club that will pay his exorbitant, inflationary salary. Just as long as he gets the multi-bucks, he will play. This shows that it definitely is not for the love of the game, but "How much can I get?"

This is exactly why I've lost all interest in the overpriced game of baseball and respect for its players. Money first, fans and loyalty are secondary. Time will tell just how sincere Mr. Davis really is regarding a long-term relationship with the Orioles or if we just have another Reggie Jackson using the Orioles as a steppingstone as he passes through.

Wayne Spangler


Keep the name

I was born and lived in Baltimore until joining the Air Force. I still call Baltimore home and am a 29-game Orioles season ticket-holder. I am currently in Saudi Arabia as part of Operation Desert Storm. For the past year, I've been following the debate over the name of the new ballpark.

Why tear the old "Memorial" down without replacing it with a new one? Men and women who aren't as famous as Frank, Brooks or the Babe, but who are certainly more important, die for this country. C'mon, Baltimore. Show your charm. Make a statement. Replace the old Memorial Stadium with a new modern Memorial Stadium dedicated to the modern soldier who has made the supreme sacrifice for the same reasons as the old soldier did.

Sgt. Tony Casparriello, USAF

Langley AFB, Va.

A lot for a little

If Winston Churchill were alive today and if he a baseball fan, the coming baseball season would inspire him to say, "Never have so many been paid so much for so little."

Harold E. Lacey


Can Cooper

Kenny Cooper of the Blast should have been fired years ago. We are tired of his constant threats to his players and to the fans.

I've been a season ticket-holder for 10 years, and this (I'm sad to say) will be my last.

At one point in time, I lived and died for the Blast. It was an exciting game. Just about every game was sold out.

Then Cooper started trading and losing popular players who were hustling and bustling. Heinz Wirtz and David MacWilliams are examples.

Then there was the threat of the Major Soccer League folding if the attendance didn't pick up.

Instead of the MSL talking about expansion, it first should try to get the fans back to the game or there won't be a league.

They won't get any more support from me, though.

Joseph Kortash


Hurray, Terps

As the fight song says, "Maryland, we're all behind you." Congratulations to Gary Williams and his basketball team for a very competitive season. They held their heads high and showed lots of class under very trying circumstances. The program is alive and well. Bravo!

Jeanne V. Tepel


Trade Littwin

It's time to make a change in your sports department. One of the basic requirements for a job as a sportswriter should be imagination, and Mike Littwin just doesn't have it.

His article on March 12 blasting Jim Palmer's first effort of the spring was brutal. He should have had the good sense and good taste to give Palmer the benefit of the doubt, or, better yet, the imagination to see the possibilities. It's a good thing Roger Clemens and Bret Saberhagen (or, God forbid, Jeff Robinson) aren't 45, because their first outings this spring were far worse than Palmer's.

This past January, Mr. Littwin displayed similar vision by berating the Glenn Davis trade -- a trade in which the Birds acquired a desperately needed power hitter for three role players at positions where the team is loaded. He also showed some real imagination in the spring of 1989 when he boldly predicted the Birds would be worse than in 1988 when they lost 107 games.

It's time to trade Mr. Littwin for a writer to be named later.

Dave Wells


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