Paper reports Bo Jackson injury threatens career Notes


Bo Jackson's right hip, injured during the National Football League playoffs in January, was examined yesterday by the Kansas City Royals team physician, while a newspaper reported that the injury could threaten his career.

The Royals said there would be no comment on Jackson's condition until Tuesday. He was to be checked Monday by Dr. Jim Andrews, an orthopedic surgeon in Birmingham, Ala.

The San Diego Tribune reported yesterday that Jackson has a hip condition known as avascular necrosis. The Tribune cited an unidentified source close to Los Angeles medical authorities familiar with the case.

The Tribune quoted Dr. Gary Losse, team physician for the San Diego Chargers, as saying avascular necrosis cuts off the blood supply to part of the bone.

Jackson was injured Jan. 16 while playing for the Los Angeles Raiders in an playoff game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

He signed a $2.38 million contract with the Royals in February. A day after the contract was signed, the Royals announced that Jackson would be on crutches for at least four weeks to take pressure off the injured hip.

Jackson reported on time to the Kansas City training camp where he was doing rehabilitative exercises and working out in a pool.

* DODGERS: Orel Hershiser pitched in his first game since a shoulder operation last April 27, allowing six hits and two earned runs over five innings in a game against Los Angeles' minor-leaguers.

Hershiser, the 1988 National League Cy Young Award winner, made 52 pitches. His only previous action this spring was in batting practice.

"I think I should be happy, but I'm not," Hershiser said. "There was pain, which is a very good sign, but I feel kind of blah about the results in general. I'm a little disappointed in that I got tired at the end."

Dodgers physical therapist Pat Screnar said the team will wait to see how Hershiser's shoulder responds before deciding on the next step.

* INDIANS: Center fielder Alex Cole, the focal point of Cleveland's new offensive philosophy, should return from a shoulder injury in time for the regular season.

Cole dislocated his right shoulder when he stumbled leaving the batter's box during an exhibition game against the Oakland Athletics on Thursday.

The Indians initially thought he would be out four to six weeks. But doctors determined that the dislocation is a recurring injury that is not as serious as feared. He will miss no more than two weeks.

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