Hindley leaves dogs to leash onto Bays' job


If Gary Hindley had bought goldfish, as his friend David MacWilliams had suggested, he wouldn't be having such a hard time moving.

As it is, he is making arrangements for his two dogs to stay in Orlando so he can come to Maryland to coach the Bays.

Hindley will be introduced as the coach of the American Professional Soccer League champions at a news conference Tuesday.

"It's a standing joke between David and myself," Hindley said. "In this business, you're going to be moving around a lot, so never get a pet bigger than a goldfish. I'm extremely happy to have the problem. I've looked into the Bays as much as they've looked into me, and no one had even one negative thing to say about them."

MacWilliams, a Blast veteran, played one year for Hindley with the Chicago Sting. He was offered the Bays job but turned it down.

"I really wanted to coach the Bays, but for 11 years my soccer career came first," MacWilliams said. "Over the weekend, I had to reassess, and right now I need to make sure I'm home for my family."

The job would have required a three-hour commute for MacWilliams, who yesterday agreed to return as Penn Jersey coach.

Bays owner John Liparini said he understands MacWilliams' decision and is pleased with the way things turned out.

"Both of them are fine coaches, and they are the only two who had APSL experience," he said. "I think that's important."

Liparini said Hindley is well-suited for the Bays.

"His Orlando program is composed of mostly American players, like ours, and he barely missed the playoffs," Liparini said.

Hindley, 43, has 10 years of professional coaching experience. He has been with the Orlando Lions the last two seasons, going 17-23. Last season, his team finished third in the division, missing the playoffs by two games.

He coached the Sting in 1987-88. He also coached in Houston, where he was Coach of the Year in the United Soccer League (outdoors) in 1985. He has 12 years of college coaching experience and was an all-conference goalkeeper at Trenton State.

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