'I'm gonna be busted,' teacher told intern Alleged N.H. plotter heard on police tapes.


EXETER, N.H. -- Sensing homicide detectives closing in on her, police say, Pamela Smart nervously confided to her student intern last July.

"I'm afraid one day you're gonna come in here and you're gonna be wired by the [expletive] police and I'm gonna be busted," according to transcripts of a tape recording played yesterday for a jury.

Smart was right on both counts. Her words were taped by a concealed recorder worn by the intern, Cecelia Pierce, 16, of Seabrook, N.H.

Much of the most damaging evidence against Smart when she was charged with being an accomplice to the murder of her husband was in four secretly recorded conversations between her and Pierce, who had turned police informant.

Smart, 23, former media director for the Winnacunnet School District in Hampton, is alleged to have used promises of love and money to lure three teen-age students -- William "Bill" Flynn, 17, purported to have been her lover; Patrick "Pete" Randall, 17; and Vance "J.R." Lattime Jr., 18, all of Seabrook -- into killing her 24-year-old husband, Gregory. All three have pleaded guilty to various roles in the slaying.

Prosecutors allege that Pierce knew about the planning and execution in her role as Smart's confidante. And they say Smart's panicky, expletive-laden discussions with Pierce on tape seriously incriminate her in her husband's murder.

"If you tell the truth" about the alleged plot to police, "you're gonna have to send Bill, you're gonna have to send Pete, you're gonna have to send J.R. and you're gonna have to send me to the [expletive] slammer for the rest of our entire life," Smart told Pierce as they sat in a car outside her office a month after the three teen-agers were arrested, according to a 59-page transcript of the four conversations.

Moments later, Pierce criticized Raymond Fowler, 19, of Seabrook, who is alleged to have ridden with Flynn, Randall and Lattime to Smart's Derry condominium the night of the murder. Fowler has been charged with attempted murder in connection with the case.

According to the transcript, the following conversation took place on July 13 between Pierce and Smart:

"If Raymond hadn't run his [expletive] mouth off, this would have been the perfect murder," Pierce told Smart.

"Right," Smart replied.

Saying she felt increasingly isolated as allegations of her role circulated through Hampton and Seabrook, Smart also bared her anger about Ralph Welch, who testified Wednesday that he had told police in June about the murder plot after Randall and Lattime had confessed their roles to him.

Pierce asked Smart if, in light of the police apparently closing in on her, she wished she had "just divorced Gregg."

"Well, I don't know, you know," Smart replied, according to the transcripts. "Nothing was going wrong until [expletive] they told Ralph. . . . It's their [expletive] faults . . . that they told Ralph, you know," Smart said with a sigh.

Pierce, who has since sold her story to Hollywood film producers for $100,000, initially told investigators she knew nothing about Gregg Smart's murder, Derry police Detective Daniel Pelletier testified Thursday.

But June 14, three days after detectives told Pierce she could face charges of hindering an investigation, she detailed the murder plot on videotape and agreed to turn informant, Pelletier testified.

Throughout the discussions, Smart seemed to sense that her arrest was imminent.

"I don't know what the hell's goin' on," she told Pierce, the transcripts indicate. "All I know is that, uh, pretty soon J.R. is probably gonna roll.

. . . So he is going to turn against them and he is going to blame me."

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