Wittman suspended for missing fine


Baltimore Blast midfielder Tim Wittman, who is on the disabled list after left-knee surgery, has been suspended by the Major Soccer League for failing to pay one of his monthly installments of $187 on a $750 fine on time.

Wittman received the $750 fine last season after a run-in with referee Herb Silva during a Jan. 12, 1990, game against the Wichita Wings in Wichita.

Silva said Wittman "threatened" him after Silva gave Wittman ......TC red-card ejection.

Wittman was scheduled to make the $187 payment on the fine last Friday, but MSL director of operations Jim Baker said yesterday the payment has not arrived at the league office yet.

Baker said: "The suspension ends when he [Wittman] pays the fine. He also has to pay $10 a day for each day the fine is late."

Baker said Wittman has paid more than half of the installments on the fine that was handed down by MSL commissioner Earl Foreman. An appeal last year by Wittman had held up the final determination of the case until last summer.

Wittman said yesterday that he had not sent this month's payment off because he is on the disabled list and can't play for at least three more games.

"I thought I had more time to pay the fine since I'm on the disabled list," said Wittman. "I didn't purposely not send the money off. I'll do it right away. I've made all my other payments on time."

Wittman said he didn't know that he would be fined an extra $10 for every day the payment is late.

"No one told me about that," he said. "I didn't know that was in effect since I'm not playing. I'll get it straightened out. I just thought I had to pay the fine before I could play."

Baker said, "Tim is still on the 18-man Blast roster and still has to abide by all the regulations of the fines."

NOTES: Mike Stankovic will serve a one-game suspension tonight for elbowing Tacoma's Steve Kinsey in the face Feb. 24. MSL commissioner Earl Foreman reduced Stankovic's fine from $1,000 to $500 yesterday after an appeal hearing.

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