What might happen NCAA TOURNAMENT


Five teams with a chance of a first-round upset

1. Richmond over Syracuse in College Park tonight.

2. Murray State over Alabama in Atlanta tomorrow.

3. Northern Illinois over St. John's in Dayton, Ohio tomorrow.

4. Louisiana Tech over Wake Forest in Atlanta tomorrow.

5. Vanderbilt over Georgetown in Tucson, Ariz., tomorrow.

Five games that could go OT

1. Princeton-Villanova in Syracuse, N.Y., tomorrow.

2. Georgia Tech-DePaul in Dayton tomorrow.

3. Virginia-BYU in Salt Lake City tonight.

4. Florida State-Southern Cal in Louisville, Ky., tonight.

5. Oklahoma State-New Mexico in College Park today.

Five games that won't go the distance (or maybe even a half)

1. North Carolina-Northeastern in Syracuse tomorrow.

2. Indiana-Coastal Carolina in Louisville tonight.

3. Ohio State-Towson State in Dayton tomorrow.

4. Arkansas-Georgia State in Atlanta tomorrow.

B6 5. Seton Hall-Pepperdine in Salt Lake City today.

Five second-round games that you'd like to see but won't 1. Georgetown-UNLV on Sunday in Tucson (Hint: The Rebels will there).

2. Princeton-North Carolina on Sunday in Syracuse (Hint: Villanova will be there).

3. Ohio State-Georgia Tech on Sunday in Dayton (Hint: Kenny Anderson's next game after tomorrow will be in the NBA).

4. Virginia-Arizona on Saturday in Salt Lake City (Hint: Shawn Bradley will make the Cavaliers shoot outside. See Maryland).

5. Montana against anybody, anywhere. (Hint: The rest of the field should be that lucky).

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