Feel better clothes Colorful, versatile clothes and...


Feel better clothes Colorful, versatile clothes and accessories from Units will be featured in the Johns Hopkins Children's Center "Fashion Makes You Feel Better" teen fashion show Tuesday.

The choice of Units was an obvious one for Debbie Bangledorf, public affairs coordinator for the children's center. The easy fit, the bright, clear colors, and the soft nap of their rayon and cotton jersey designs were all reasons for singling out the line for the show, she says.

The clothes can be easily layered to achieve a more substantial look for patients whose illnesses have caused them to lose weight. Likewise, the versatile separates can be adapted to achieve a slimmer silhouette for those who have gained weight. And bright colors improve sallow complexions and help lift spirits.

"Nautical," "romantic" and "Pucci" will be the themes, and the clothes will be modeled by both patients at the center and professional models.

The show will take place at 11 a.m. in Hurd Hall and will be broadcast via closed-circuit TV to those who are unable to attend. For more information, call 955-4948.

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