Town Councilman C. Clinton Becker is the first candidate to put in a bid for the mayor's seat in May and said he would like to encouragemore involvement by residents in their local government.

Mayor Richard E. Miller has not yet announced whether he will run again.

Becker, 43, of the 4200 block Huntsman Trail, has served on the council since 1989. His term would not expire until May 1993. He also has been on the Planning and Zoning Commission since being appointed as a citizen member three years ago and served one year on the Board of Zoning Appeals.

He is a Republican, but town elections are non-partisan.

Becker said he first became active in the town because, "In a small town of 2,500 -- 2,600 people, you can have a say in whatgoes on in your community."

Becker has lived in Hampstead for thepast five years and had lived a mile outside the town limits for eight years before that. He lived most of his life in Baltimore County.

He said he supports the recent annexation of residentially zoned land and the upcoming annexation of industrial land. But he said he would not support annexing agricultural land, because it should be preserved as such.

"I think the general populace, not just in Hampstead but in Carroll County, needs to be more aware of how development happens," Becker said. He said long-range plans set five years ago already say what kinds of development can go where because of the zoning.

By annexing land into Hampstead, he said, the town can have somewhat more control over what goes on the land, and make sure it wouldn't overburden services such as water and schools.

Although the mayor is not a full-time position, Becker said that office is important in acting as a spokesman for the council and being the liaison to various county and state agencies.

Some ways he said he would like to involve residents more are by putting notices in water bills about issues and events and having the town office open one evening a month, so people who work during the day still can conduct business there.

Becker has a bachelor's degree in business management and an associate's degree in finance, both from the Johns Hopkins University. He works for Bell Atlantic Corp. in Silver Spring as a financial analyst.He has worked in the telephone industry for 25 years.

He is married to Terry Becker, a registered nurse for the Carroll County Health Department. They live with her daughter, Kristen. Becker also has twoother children, Christopher, 24, and living in Lineboro, and Kimberly, 23, and a student at University of Baltimore.

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