$1.5 million bail continued in thefts case Charged in a series of robberies, man, 19, is viewed as a risk to flee.


Saying he would be a risk to flee the state, a judge continued bail at $1.5 million for a 19-year-old man who has been charged in several of the shotgun robberies that have plagued Baltimore and Baltimore County.

District Judge Gerrard W. Wittstadt in Towson acted yesterday after listening to testimony and reading the charges against Sadiyq Abdullah Muhammed, 19, of Baltimore, also known as Tony Bedford.

Muhammed appeared in court dressed in a bright orange prison jump suit.

He is charged with eight armed robberies in the county and holdups in the city as part of a gang armed with shotguns who have terrorized retail businesses since Halloween. He also has been charged with intent to murder in the Feb. 28 shooting of a clerk at the Pikesville Holiday Inn during a robbery there and with the holdup of a Towson credit union last week in which $36,500 was stolen.

Muhammed, whose only previous conviction was for peddling without a license, was not represented by counsel.

The only substantial thing Muhammed said at the hearing was in response to a prosecutor's comment that he had been arrested in Newport News, Va., Sunday while attempting to buy a plane ticket to Philadelphia.

"He looks like he's a risk to flee," the prosecutor said.

"I was in Virginia at the time and did not know that I was wanted," Muhammed said. "I was going to Philadelphia to visit friends."

Charging documents stated that police found Muhammed's fingerprints at the Food Place in the 8500 block of Liberty Road, which was robbed Feb. 21.

The charging documents said his fingerprints also were discovered at the Pikesville Holiday Inn in the 1700 block of Reisterstown Road, where a hotel clerk was shot and seriously hurt during the Feb. 28 robbery there.

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