Quote of the day"When you're living on...


Quote of the day

"When you're living on the edge, there's no way to make this up."

Susan P. Tippett, Associated Catholic Charities in Baltimore,referring to the latest welfare cuts announced by the Schaefer administration


:010 a.m.: House and Senate convene, State House.

p.m.: Senate Budget and Taxation Committee makes budget decisions, Room 100, Senate Office Building.

1 p.m.: Senate Finance Committee considers bills requiring health insurance coverage for "child wellness programs," Presidential Wing, Senate Office Building.

1 p.m.: House Constitutional and Administrative Law Committee considers bill to increase from $2,500 to $5,000 the amount that may be raised on paddle wheels at political fund-raising events, Room 140, House Office Building.

There are 28 days remaining in the 1991 General Assembly session.


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