After several years of delays, construction should start on a new Carroll County YMCA facility sometime this spring, said Executive Director Richard Lyons.

The only hurdle remaining before construction can begin, Lyons said, is county approval of the site plan for the 10-acre property just south of the Carroll Community College campus outside Westminster.

"We'll probably be doing some kind of formal ground-breaking, butwe can't even select a date until we get the site plan approved," Lyons said. "We're hoping to start in April or May, at the latest."

Most recently, the site passed a test for both a primary and secondary location for a private septic system. The YMCA had requested an extension of sewer service from the city of Westminster several years ago, but the city rejected the request, saying its master plan called for city sewerage and water to end at the adjacent Carroll Community College complex.

After several failed attempts to find a secondary field for the sewerage site, the YMCA again requested to be hooked upto the city utility, but withdrew the request after passing the secondary test in late February.

The use of a private septic system will save money for the YMCA, which would probably have had to pay for extending city lines and constructing a pumping station if Westminster had agreed to hook up to the facility.

YMCA officials announced plans for the county's first full-service facility in 1987 and had hoped to begin construction in 1988 or 1989, but delays in solving the sewerage problem, along with a shortfall in the fund-raising campaign, caused a delay.

The building is expected to include a swimming pool, small gymnasium, an exercise room, lockers, offices, a child-care facility, day camp area and several outdoor fields. YMCA programs are scattered at several sites around the county, and some programs still will be offered in other areas.

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