From The Sun March 10-16, 1841March 12:...


From The Sun March 10-16, 1841

March 12: There is very little anthracite coal in our city, and those who have it on hand, are taking advantage of the scarcity and are charging the enormous price of $10 per ton!

March 16: Mr. Van Buren -- On Saturday evening last, the late President arrived in town, accompanied by the Hon. Mr. Poinsett, late Secretary of War, and the Hon. Mr. Forsyth, late Secretary of State, and took lodgings at Barnum's City Hotel.

From The Sun March 10-16, 1891

March 10: President Harrison is duck shooting on the Chesapeake Bay, near Bengies Station. He left Washington at 2:10 P.M. yesterday.

March 12: The muddy condition of the sidewalks at Towson has renewed the discussion as to the best way to secure a reform in this line. It has been suggested that the best way is to have the town incorporated and then assess the people to lay a pavement.

From The Sun March 10-16, 1941

March 11: Baseball will return to Hagerstown this spring and the fans are quite excited over the plan being arranged for its Inter-State League franchise.

March 12: The Baltimore-Washington Boulevard was branded the "nation's No. 1 death trap," by Arthur F. Loewe, instigator of the first Maryland Highway Safety Council, in an address yesterday before the Maryland Sportsmen's Luncheon Club.

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