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Gulf War Gave Us a Whole New Vocabulary WAR IN THE GULF


A few other Persian Gulf war terms that have entered the American vocabulary:

Attrite (a-trit): The verb form of attrition, meaning to lose troops under enemy fire.

Bovine scatology: Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf's elongated version of the usual translation for B.S.

Carpet bombing: A term for massive bombing in a limited space, usually by B-52s. Vietnam-era people date themselves by calling it "rolling thunder."

Fog of war: The chaos and confusion of battle both in actuality and in the minds of soldiers trying to translate plans and maps into reality once the shooting starts.

Fur balls: Pilotspeak for the tangle of air-to-air dogfights.

MRE: Acronym for "Meals, Ready to Eat," the gulf war version of the old C-rations.

Triple A: Anti-aircraft artillery, formerly ack-ack.

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