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Q: I've developed a fondness for Early American woven coverlets. How can I find out more about them, their patterns and weavers? Where can such coverlets be found?

A: Collectors wrapped up in the collecting, study and researching of American antique coverlets and all they entail belong to the Colonial Coverlet Guild of America. Annual membership and newsletter are $15 for Chicago-area residents, or $6 for those living more than 50 miles away. Write to the CCGA in care of Barbara Frisbie, 5617 Blackstone Ave., LaGrange, Ill. 60525.

If you wish to check out an old coverlet or provide information about one you have, write to the guild c/o Ms. Frisbie, enclosing a photo of the piece along with its size, description, any wording it might contain and any information you may have about its history or provenance, and include an addressed, stamped envelope for a reply.

There is a great interest in coverlets that contain the name of the weaver, the town and date when the piece was woven incorporated in the design.

Q: I was told that some Depression glass pieces are worth thousands of dollars. How can I learn to identify such examples?

A: A useful book is "Very Rare Glassware of the Depression Years -- Second Series," by Gene Florence, which contains information, values and color photos. It is $26.95 postpaid from Collector Books, Box 3009, Paducah, Ky. 42002; phone (800) 626-5420.

Also, the 20-30-40 Depression Glass Society offers an annual membership and monthly newsletter for $12. Write: Box 856, LaGrange, Ill. 60525.

Q: Where can we find information on old travel-related memorabilia?

A: A monthly publication that covers the field is Travel Collector, available for $11.95 a year or $1.50 a copy from Travel Collector Publishing, Box 40, Manawa, Wis. 54949-0040.

Those interested in obtaining antique coaches, carriages, sleighs and other horse-drawn vehicles can write to Martin Auctioneer Inc., Box 477, Intercourse, Pa. 17535

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