Dear Stadium Doctor:Over a year ago, I...


Dear Stadium Doctor:

Over a year ago, I made a bet with a co-worker in my office over the final price to build the new stadium. At stake was $100. My stand was the cost will be less than $200 million, whereas he confidently bet that the stadium will cost more than $200 million.

What do you think, Doc? Will I win? If I do, I think I'll spend the money on tickets and munchies for a 1992 home game. Do you think $100 will be enough for a family of three?

Kirk Carlson Baltimore

Stadium Doctor handed this one off to able associate Stadium Arbitrator, who offered the following:

"Congratulations, Kirk. Unless something goes absolutely cuckoo in the next year, the ballpark will cost a lot less than $200 million. The present cost estimates for acquisition of the land that the ballpark is situated on, demolition of buildings that used to be there and new construction is $105.4 million. That could go up or down a little bit, but either way your co-worker is fried. That will be $5."

About that other question: Couldn't somebody listen on the radio?

Dear Stadium Doctor:

On the stadium model at the Mercantile Bank, there appear to be about 400 parking spaces. Even if they build a five-level garage, there will be a mere 2,000 spaces. Surely, they don't plan to dump 20,000 or more cars on downtown every night. Please tell me I came in late and missed something here.

Michael Kernan Baltimore

Michael, Michael, Michael. Why so tense? The way you're going, you'll give yourself a heart attack or something. And then what? We'll have to get a real doctor in here, because you sure don't want a guy (me) standing here in a sweaty bandanna and a pair of steel-toe boots cutting on you, now do you?

Anyway, here's the thing: I accept your statement that the model shows 400 spaces, but am glad to inform you that the finished ballpark will include many, many more. The 15-year lease signed the Baltimore Orioles and the Maryland Stadium Authority commits the stadium authority to provide a minimum of 5,000 on-site spaces. Until a football stadium is built, the land that stadium would be located on will be paved and also will be available for parking.

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