Sun reporters get awards from school group


Two reporters for The Sun are being recognized by the National Association of Secondary School Principals this weekend for articles on education that appeared in the Sun Magazine.

Will Englund won the 1990 Benjamin Fine Journalism Award in the weekly magazine category for his article, "An Unlikely Reformer," about state School Superintendent Joseph L. Shilling's proposals for education in Maryland.

Kathy Lally won an honorable mention in the same category for her article, "Chance of a Lifetime," on a program to guarantee 54 Baltimore ninth-graders $5,000 in college scholarships as an incentive stay in school and go on to higher education.

Until recently, Mr. Englund and Ms. Lally, who are married, covered education for The Sun and wrote for the Sun Magazine under a job-sharing arrangement.

They have since been named The Sun's next correspondents in Moscow.

The grand prize winner in the Benjamin Fine Awards was the Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader, for a series of articles, "Cheating Our Children," on Kentucky's educational system.

The awards are being presented at the secondary school principals' convention in Chicago.

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