Here's who's in charge at the Guv's mansion


MOVERS AND SHAKERS: Haven't you just been dying to know who serves on the Governor's Mansion Trust with Maryland's official hostess, Hilda Mae Snoops? Nowhere have I seen all those names except in the good old Maryland Manual. It's there, the rules and the names of the Governor's Mansion Trust, which was founded in 1980 as the Government House Trust and revamped and renamed in 1988.

Martin Walsh Jr., secretary of general services, chairs the committee, which consists of voting members Hilda Mae Snoops, the governor's designee; Nancy German, Senate president designee; Charles Ryan, House speaker designee, and J. Rodney Little, director of Maryland Historical Trust. Ed Papenfuse, state archivist, serves as secretary.

Non-voting members are Wendy Cooper, Baltimore Museum of Art; Charles Lyle, Maryland Historical Society; Burton K. Kummerow, St. Mary's City Commission; Georgia Adler, Talbot County Historical Society, William Johnston, Walters Art Gallery; Jean Woods, Washington County Museum of Fine Arts; George Callcott, University of Maryland College Park; and Lucy Coggin, horticulturist, William Paca Gardens.

The manual says these people must OK absolutely everything that goes in or out of the seven state rooms of the mansion, and they are responsible for landscaping, conservation and restoration. So now you know!

HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE: This morning, former city state's attorney, 1975-82, Bill Swisher was going to the Board of Election Supervisors and ante up $150 and sign the papers that would make him a candidate for mayor of Baltimore. I'm told that supporters of this longtime Highlandtown resident encouraged him to get into the race early.

Maryland lost one of its most productive, interesting and kindest citizens this week. I, for one, will miss Howard Head and will not forget how accommodating he always was when I needed information. I know he'll always be remembered for skis and tennis rackets, but my favorite of his creations is an incredible, huge hammock that he rigged to swing over the tree tops in the rear of his home. It turns grown-ups into kids again.

A friend of Betty and Randall Shaull called to tell me that the Shaulls' daughter, Linda Masland, and her husband, Bruce, have invited friends and relatives to celebrate the Shaulls' 50th anniversary tomorrow at their new Fallston home from 4-8 p.m.

SEEN ON THE SCENE: Cab Calloway was lunching in Laurel Race Course Clubhouse for three days in a row last week. Could it be that he just loves the food? He looked quite content standing in the winner's circle with his buddy, Leon Blusiewicz, the trainer of Tong Po, a 3-year-old nominee for the Triple Crown Races. Tong Po, owned by Robert and Lorraine Quinichett, is scheduled to run in the upcoming Frederico Tesio Stakes on March 17 at Pimlico. So check it out.

WEEKEND GLIMPSE: If you like to Charleston, put on your glad rags and head for the Hyatt Regency tonight at 6 p.m. The Ed Williams Orchestra will provide the music and "Grand Hotel" cast members will judge.

BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK: WMIX radio general manager Bob Lind, Saturday; State Sen. Tom Bromwell, Saturday; State Sen. Barbara Hoffman, today; piano player around town Brown Benson, today; Baltimore Oriole Telford Anthony, Wednesday.

REMARKABLE REMARK: "I guess we made an odd couple back then," said Pam Shriver while talking about her friend who designed the tennis racket Pam used in becoming a finalist in the U.S. Open in 1978, Howard Head. "Opposite sexes, 50 years apart. He had an ingenuity you seldom run across. I wish I had been older. I came to appreciate him much more as I got older. Back then it was just like, 'Wow, who is this bald-headed guy?' "

Our Guy Friday: Frank X. Gartland

CLAIM TO FAME: Grand Marshal of the 35th St. Patriock's Day Parade on March 17

HOMELIFE: Married to Tina, nee Worley, and they have five children, Kathy, Ken, Diana, Kristen and Chyristie, and one granddaughter, Christiana.

PASSIONS: Sailing, biking, working with community activities, help;ing youngsters.

QUOTE: "God bless the Irish Americans for all the contributions they have made to make this a great country."

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