ABC shuttles 'Twin Peaks' back to Thursday nights


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"Twin Peaks" is returning to ABC's regular weekly lineup in a new time period starting March 28, the network announced yesterday.

The new time period -- 9 p.m. Thursdays -- is the same slot "Twin Peaks" had last spring when it was the talk of the second half of the TV season. The show was moved to Saturdays this fall, suffered audience loss and was yanked last month.

ABC always planned to bring the show back, said Robert Iger, the president of ABC Entertainment, yesterday. But Iger said the network was impressed with the letters from Peakies calling for the show's return.

"We have received thousands of letters from 'Twin Peaks' fans urging us to bring it back," Iger said. "We thank all the fans for their support of the show and hope they will call all their friends and tell them to watch March 28."

Six new episodes of "Twin Peaks" will be shown this year, according to an ABC spokesman. The show will bump "Gabriel's Fire," which the network says will return at a different time in April. Reruns of "Father Dowling" and "Columbo" will fill the Thursday slot until March 28.

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