Former Annapolis Mayor Dennis M. Callahan has scheduled his sixth annual St. Patrick's Day fund-raiser March 17, but he insists he's not running for anything -- yet.

Callahan said he's conducting the event to retire a $1,200 printing debt from his unsuccessful bid for county executive in November.

"If we make more than $1,200, I'm sure we can put it to good use," Callahan said.

The political gathering will take place at Buddy's Crabs and Ribs. Owner Harvey Blonder will donate the food and use of the restaurant to Callahan, gifts the former mayor must list on campaign finance reports as in-kind contributions.

Tickets are $15 each. With attendance limited to 200 people, Callahan could take in as much as $3,000. The extra money might come in handy for the 1993 mayoral election, but Callahan won't say whether he plans a rematch with Mayor Alfred A. Hopkins, who defeated him in the 1989 Democratic primary.

Callahan has been uncharacteristically silent on city issues lately. He suggested, however, that it won't last forever.

"I'm not sure at what point the public would consider it legitimate criticism or just sour grapes, so I've decided to keep a low profile for now," Callahan said. "There are a lot of problems, though."

In the meantime, Callahan, who spent last year campaigning full time for countyexecutive, has a new job: He's managing Spa Creek Marina in Annapolis. The former tuxedo store owner hasn't lost his sales touch. "It's got 50 boat slips, a swimming pool, a club house and a parking lot," he said.

The job is also convenient. "It's right across the street from my house," Callahan said. "I can see the pool from my house."

Despite his enthusiasm, you get the sense there's one job Callahan would rather have. "I've always enjoyed life, but I'd be less than honest with you if I said I didn't miss being mayor," he said. "It's a lovely city."

Callahan also is keeping busy doing his "Maryland on the Half Shell" talk show for United Cable-Channel 15, and his racquetball game at the Merritt Athletic Club is as strong as ever.

As he approaches his 50th birthday in September, the athletic Callahan has become more reflective.

"I've never been one to be bothered by birthdays with an '0,' " he said, "but between my sons getting marriedand my granddaughter, I'm beginning to attach some significance to it."

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