If you spray, you might pay


Mystery stains

That one last spritz of perfume or hair spray when you're all dressed and ready to go out the door could be costing you needless aggravation and dry cleaning bills.

The high content of alcohol in such products could be the reason for mysterious clothing stains. According to the experts at the International Fabricare Institute in Silver Spring, the alcohol that misses your hair and hits the fabric of your clothes may cause the dyes in certain fabrics to dissolve and dry into a permanent ring. Sometimes you might not even notice the color loss until the general surface soil is removed in cleaning and the stain becomes apparent.

The solution: Spritz before you dress or at least place a towel over your clothing.

Know thy self

If you take the time to discover your most flattering colors you can save money on those purchases that you loved on the hanger but that never seemed to look as good on you.

Carolyn Schoenian, one of several professional wardrobe and color consultants, offers these tips for determining your best colors.

*Take note of your favorite pieces of clothing. "We all have certain things that we always bring out for stressful occasions, like an important meeting," she says. "They usually tend to be thingsthat we look great in."

* Listen to others. "There may be one dress, like a cobalt shirt dress, that whenever you wear it, you always get compliments on how great you're looking. But then when you wear that dress in tan, people ask if you're feeling well. Those are important clues."

Sweeping clean

The editors at Conde Nast's new beauty magazine, Allure, discovered that the best eye makeup remover is not necessarily the most expensive. In a sampling of seven eye makeup products, they gave the highest words of praise to one of the cheapest products. The Body Shop's Chamomile eye makeup remover (at $1.75 per ounce) was rated at least as effective, if not more, than some costing nearly twice the price, and was judged most soothing to sensi- tive eyes

If the shoe won't fit

New York City Shoes is making it worth your while to do a little spring cleaning.

Owner Gail Kandel is offering $5 toward the purchase of any new pair of women's shoes in her store, when you bring in a pair of used, but serviceable shoes.

The footwear, which can be men's, women's or children's, will be sent to the Bea Gaddy Social Development Center for distribution to needy people throughout the city. New York City Shoes is located at 9946 Reisterstown Road, Owings Mills.

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