Carroll Community College officials plan to eliminate several proposed new instructional positions for 1991-1992 to meet county budget cut requests.

"The majority of any additional cuts will need to comeout of faculty dollars," said Alan M. Schuman, CCC's interim director and director of administration. "There's really no other place left to reduce the budget. We're already down to a maintenance-of-effortlevel."

Schuman had proposed hiring seven full-time instructors and additional part-time instructors for the next academic year. But the positions will be eliminated because of an additional $150,000 in cuts sought by the county.

Initially, CCC had been asked to trim $450,000 from its proposed spending plan. To meet that request, CCC officials planned to place some vacant and growth-related support staff positions on hold. In addition, student services, such as computer lab and library hours, would be reduced.

Overall, CCC has trimmed about $581,000 from its proposed $5.75 million spending plan.

The County Commissioners since have asked agencies to trim fiscal 1992 spending plans to 2 percent below 1991 levels. CCC officials have submitted an impact statement to the commissioners and are awaiting their response.

Schuman would not elaborate on what other cuts would have to be made.

"This is a difficult time," Schuman said. "Philosophically, there are certain services you want to provide but you have to admit to yourself that you are limited in what you can do. It's not easy to keep providing more services with less money."

Eliminating the proposed new positions will mean larger classroom sizes and canceling classes with small enrollments. In addition, part-time instructors may be called on to teach some classes, Schuman said.

"We're not talking about lay-offs," Schuman said. "We're talking about not being ableto hire new faculty to respond to the growth we're experiencing."

Student enrollment, up 27 percent this year, is expected to increaseanother 10 percent to 20 percent next fiscal year. There are 2,335 full- and part-time students enrolled at CCC now.

Currently, the college's instructional staff consists of 30 full-time faculty members and another 30 who come up from Catonsville Community College, CCC's parent institution, and work part-time. There are about 100 instructors who teach one or two courses on a part-time basis.

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