HOCKEY (NHL) * Buffalo Sabres -- Traded...

HOCKEY (NHL) * Buffalo Sabres -- Traded Ken Priestlay (center) to the Pittsburgh Penguins for Tony Tanti (right wing). Purchased Steve Weeks (goalie) from the Vancouver Canucks.

* Calgary Flames -- Traded Mark Hunter (right wing) to the Hartford Whalers for Carey Wilson (center). Traded Marc Bureau (center) to the Minnesota North Stars for a third-round pick in the 1991 draft.


* Chicago Blackhawks -- Traded Mike McNeill (center) and Ryan McGill (defenseman) to the Quebec Nordiques for Paul Gillis (center) and Dan Vincelette (left wing).

* Edmonton Oilers -- Traded Kim Issel (right wing) to the Pittsburgh Penguins for Brad Aitken (left wing).


* Minnesota North Stars -- Traded Ilkka Sinisalo (left wing) to the Los Angeles Kings for an eighth-round pick in the 1991 draft.

* Montreal Canadiens -- Traded Mark Pedersen (left wing) to the Philadelphia Flyers for a second-round pick in the 1991 draft. Assigned Donald Dufresne (defenseman) and Jean-Claude Bergeron (goalie) to Fredericton of the AHL.

* New York Rangers -- Traded Kevin Miller (center), Dennis Vial (defenseman) and the rights to Jim Cummins (right wing) to the Detroit Red Wings for Joe Kocur (right wing) and Per Olav Djoos (defenseman).

* St. Louis Blues -- Traded Keith Osborne (right wing) to the Toronto Maple Leafs for Darren Veitch (defenseman). Assigned Veitch to Peoria of the International Hockey League.

* Toronto Maple Leafs -- Traded Allan Bester (goalie) to the Detroit Red Wings for a sixth-round choice in the 1991 draft. Traded Bobby Reynolds (left wing) to the Washington Capitals for Rob Mendel (defenseman).