Too long in the top drawer


Pity those who follow these 'leaders'

We were breezing through the March issue of Bazaar when we spotted a story about "The Fashion 50." The story promised to tell us about the 50 women who start and end trends. They are not necessarily the best-dressed, the story cautioned; it's just that when they wear chartreuse, so do the masses.

Of course, there are the usual suspects such as model-actress Isabella Rossellini, singer Janet Jackson, models Iman and Naomi Campbell, designer Donna Karan, designer/social butterfly Paloma Picasso, eternal gamine Audrey Hepburn and fashion muse Donatella Versace.

But Bianca Jagger? Is she still alive? Georgette Mosbacher? Come on, the woman pushes sheep placenta as a skin care regimen. Diane Sawyer? She's had that same over-the-eye dip since time began. Princess Di? The only trend this Royal started is how to dress 30 years older than your age.

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