Brown-Blocker fight faces challenges BOXING


International Boxing Federation welterweight champion Simon Brown of Germantown, scheduled to fight friend and neighbor Maurice Blocker, the World Boxing Council champion, in Las Vegas on March 18, faces two new battles.

Former manager Allen Baboian will seek a court injunction in New York to stop the Brown-Blocker match, which will be immediately before the Mike Tyson-Razor Ruddock heavyweight bout at The Mirage. Baboian and Don Elbaum, who served as Brown's matchmaker, are seeking $500,000 in damages from Brown's purse of $1.2 million.

Brown, now promoted by Don King, ended his contract agreement with Baboian and Elbaum last year, claiming he was not paid all the money due him for past title fights.

"We believe King will agree to settle with us, rather than calling off Simon's fight with Blocker," Baboian said. "As far as I'm concerned, ourcontract with Simon is in effect until September 1992."

Meanwhile, Madison Square Garden boxing director Bobby Goodman was asking the IBF to withdraw recognition of Brown as its 147-pound champion for failing to fulfill a mandatory defense against Glenwood Brown, the No. 1 challenger, who has Garden ties.

The IBF must respond by Monday. Brown was given a three-month extension because of his managerial problems.

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