McAvan's the man* Fans of the Baltimore...


McAvan's the man

* Fans of the Baltimore Blast should be screaming! Rather than trading Richard Chinapoo for Doc Lawson of the Dallas Sidekicks, the Blast should re-sign former All-Star defender Bobby McAvan, now a resident of Harford County.

Bobby, a former Scottish National Team member and a favorite of the fans, was forced into early retirement by an Achilles' heel injury. That injury has healed completely. After having seen Bob play in an unlimited tournament at the Maryland Sports Arena, I can attest that he has regained his former skill level.

If Jim Palmer can get a tryout with the Orioles at the age of 45, shouldn't the Blast give a 33-year-old former All-Star defender another look?

Gil Kuta


Skating ignored

* What is a figure skating fan to do? Last year your paper's coverage of the National Figure Skating Championships was next to minimal. I wrote a letter in this regard, which you were kind enough to print. And I can only assume that it was forgotten, as this year's coverage was just as minimal.

And to add insult to injury, our local ABC-TV affiliate, Channel 13, chose not to run the men's final, which was shown nationally. It appears that the local media have conspired against figure skating fans.

Elaine R. Levy


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