Wittman due back in 3 weeks after smoothing surgery


The Blast got good news yesterday, after arthroscopic surgery on the knee of forward Tim Wittman revealed no ligament or tendon damage, but the medical diagnosis on defender Mike Reynolds' knee is still unclear.

"In Timmy's case, it turned out to be a pretty simple operation," said team trainer Marty McGinty. "Dr. [Joseph] Ciotola said he should be able to begin rehab within two or three days and be back playing with the team in no longer than three weeks."

Wittman's problem turned out to be a rough surface on the end of the thigh bone that enters the knee. The problem is caused by wear and tear and basically feels like sand rubbing between the joints. McGinty said Ciotola simply smoothed the surface.

As for Reynolds, he will undergo an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) test tonight to determine the condition of his posterior cruciate ligament, a small ligament in the back of the knee.

"I still have some swelling and I don't have a full range of movement," explained Reynolds. "Because of that, they can't tell whether the posterior ligament is weakened so they have to do the MRI."

Reynolds initially injured his left knee when he ran full force into the --er boards in Tacoma, Feb. 24, causing a deep cut and a severe bruise. The knee worsened after a practice at Myers Pavilion last Wednesday and a trip to Ciotola's office revealed a ruptured bursa sac on his left knee and a surface infection in the cut.

No matter what is discovered tonight, Reynolds is definitely out of the Blast's road trip to San Diego and Tacoma that begins Thursday.

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