Spurs ready for Wingate's return


Dunbar High School and Georgetown University product David Wingate, who was re-signed by the San Antonio Spurs after rape charges were dropped against him in Howard County, was not at the Spurs' game against the Washington Bullets yesterday at the Capital Centre.

Spurs coach Larry Brown said Wingate has an appointment with the NBA in New York tomorrow, to receive clearance to rejoin the team.

"I don't want to talk about it until it's settled," Brown said. But center David Robinson said the team can't wait to get Wingate back on the court: "He's got his personal life taken care of and things are starting to fall in place for him. He's a hard-nosed defender and if he comes in and does half of the things he did for us defensively last year, then he's going to do more than help us. We're excited about that," Robinson said.

Brown did say the expected return of Wingate would have no impact on former Maryland forward Tony Massenburg, when it comes to trimming the roster.

Massenburg, a rookie, is averaging just 1.5 rebounds and 1.3 points in 3.5 minutes. He has not played in 28 of the team's 55 games this season, but Brown subbed him into yesterday's game in the first quarter, and he ended the day with four points and three rebounds.

"I'm happy Tony got to play," Brown said. "I put him in before Sidney [Green], because I wanted him to have the opportunity here. He's doing fine. He's going to remain a part of this team. He's getting better all the time."

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