Union Memorial Hospital to the rescue Hospital offering jobs to workers from Homewood.


Union Memorial Hospital officials say they may have as many as 100 job openings for workers who face unemployment as nearby fiscally strapped Homewood Hospital Center prepares to shut down.

Nearly 100 people responded in the first day to ads in Friday's newspapers announcing the job offers, hospital officials said. More than 25 people had called by midday today responding to ads that ran over the weekend.

Half of the openings are for nurses, but many of the slots are in technical and general areas of the hospital. For example, there is a demand for physical therapists, occupational therapists, radiology technicians and technologists, and electrocardiogram and laboratory technicians.

"We have also received a number of inquiries and will be delighted to welcome private attending physicians," said Constance F. Row, Union Memorial's president and chief executive officer.

Last Monday, the Johns Hopkins Health System announced that Homewood Hospital Center-South, formerly North Charles General Hospital, and Homewood Hospital Center-North, formerly Wyman Park Hospital, would close as acute care, inpatient facilities in May or soon after.

North Charles and Wyman Park, which have been a part of the Hopkins system since 1986, were merged in 1988 and became the Homewood Hospital Center.

In display ads that ran in The Evening Sun and The Sun Friday and in a smaller ad yesterday, Union Memorial, on East University Parkway, has offered to help not only the staff, but also the patients and the surrounding communities affected by the closing of Homewood.

"We just felt, under the circumstances, that as the closest neighboring hospital we had an obligation to express in a community-support way that we were here and were concerned about them generally," Row said.

"At a time like this, there is a family feeling in most hospitals, especially for employees who have worked there a long time. For people who value excellence, that's what we're all about."

Row has directed Union Memorial to make every effort to work with Homewood's displaced staff. Those interested should call Lena Varvoutis at 554-2035.

In its ads, which appear in the form of an open letter, Union Memorial suggests that patients who have general health care concerns and do not wish to leave the area should call Ask-A-Nurse, Union Memorial's free, 24-hour health service line at 235-2500.

And, in case of an emergency, the open letter advises that Union Memorial's emergency department, at Calvert and 34th streets, is open 24 hours a day.

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