With Harford's waste-to-energy plant unable to keep pace with the county's growing mountains of trash and the county's central landfill filling up faster than expected, the county is facing a crisis in its management of solid waste (see story, page 1). The county has no recycling program in effect now, but county administrators are researching what system to put in place. Options include curbside collection ofrecyclables and building a machine that would sort some recyclables at a central area. The county is just two years away from when a state mandate kicks in requiring a program in place that reduces Harford's solid waste by 15 percent.

The Harford County Sun wants to knowwhat type of system you think would be best for the county.

If you favor curbside pickup of recyclables, would you favor a mandatory recycling plan? Should such a plan include penalties for homeowners and businesses that fail to sort trash for recycling?

If you favor building the central sorter, how should the estimated $5 million cost of the machine be funded?

Please write your response below or attach additional paper. As many reasonable replies as possible will be published during the next two editions.


Street andtown address

Daytime phone (for verification purposes only)

Send to: Survey, The Harford County Sun, 15 Churchville Road., Bel Air,Md. 21014

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