From: Ronald A. Lang

Bel Air

I would like to take this opportunity to thank delegates Mary Louise Preis, D-District 34, and Donald Fry, D-District 35A, for upholding Rowe vs. Wade.

By voting to retain a woman's right to make thisvery personal decision, they have upheld the very basic right which has made this country better than all others -- freedom of choice! Itis important that we, the people, work to protect this right for everyone, including women and the issue of pregnancy.

As a Republicanwho voted with the majority of the people of Harford County to cleanour house in favor of fresh new faces, I am sorry to say that I feel"let down" by our delegates who talked pro-choice during the campaign but failed to put their vote where their mouth was.


From: Barbara Bluestone

Executive Director

Hidden Brook

Bel Air

I enjoyed reading Darren Allen's article in the Harford Sun's Feb. 17 edition. I would however like to clarify that we no longer identify ourselves as a "30-day" inpatient program. In fact, for more than a year and a half, we have piloted a program that responds to the individual needs of each patient who enters Hidden Brook.

We have pioneered a program that combines residential treatment at Hidden Brook with intensive outpatient follow up at our outpatient centers or at other outpatient facilities.

In this way we remain responsive not only to the needs of our patients, but, just as importantly, to the mandate for cost-effective treatment.

Thank you for highlighting our work. We're proud to serve the residents of Harford County.


From: Frank Soltis


The new Harford County Executive, Eileen M. Rehrmann, has gotten off to a disappointing start.

In the two months she has been in office she has blamed the previous administration for all the fiscal problems. Politicians blame everyone else; a good leader takes lemon and turns it intolemonade.

Unfortunately, Rehrmann is a student of "Spend It Now Donald Schaefer" and she is going to move Harford County into the samefiscal position as Howard County. She wants to borrow money to preserve the bond rating and estimates that we need $3.9 million -- Council president Jeffrey Wilson is willing to support a bond issue up to $10 million. How can this be cost-effective?

What we have in Harford County is a politician who conducted a deceptive campaign, such as misleading voters in a campaign literature photograph that (indicated) she had graduated from college. Had she been truthful, the outcome may have been different.

It is my opinion that neither Rehrmann orWilson are qualified to provide the leadership that Harford County needs.

The best is yet to come.

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