EDITOR'S NOTE: The House of Delegates recently passed and Gov. William Donald Schaefer signed into law Delegate Lawrence A. LaMotte's bill to affirm the U.S. Supreme Court's 1973 legalization of abortion. We have been asking readers if they think abortions should be legal and readily available, if parents should be notified if children plan an abortion, and if minors should be required to undergo counseling first. Here are some of the replies we received:From:

Evelyn Heird

Leslie Heird

Irene Schaeffer


Yes -- abortions should be legal and readily available.

No -- parents do not need to be notified.

No -- minors should not have to undergo counseling.

From: Debbie Frazier


Abortion is a very personal decision that is up to no one but the woman.

How can someone, especially a stranger, tell a woman what she may or may not do with herbody?

Yes, abortion should be legal and readily available everywhere. If is is not, women would still have abortions but illegally in some dirty, unsterile place where their well-being would not be considered.

In an abortion facility that is legal, there is counseling available, the procedure is sterile and in a woman/girl's best interest.

Parents should not be notified if children over 16 plan an abortion. You must let the child have the right to do what she finds best.

A counselor in a clinic will help the child with her feelings.

To be quite honest, it's nobody's business but your own.


From: Robert L. Gebhart


Carroll County

Vo-Tech Center

As principal of the Carroll County Vo-Tech Center, I want to publicly thank everyone who participated in our Vocational Education Week celebration.

You made this special week a grandsuccess. I sincerely hope that we gave you a better insight to vocational education in Carroll.

The media, as always, were very cooperative and did a very effective job of "telling the Vo-Tech story."

You are a great group to work with.

I want to thank the 1,500 residents of Carroll County who took time from their busy schedule on a chilly, rainy evening to visit the Vo-Tech Programs and make our openhouse on Feb. 13 a grand success.

Your support is greatly appreciated. I hope you in turn benefited from your visit.

The Vo-Tech students and staff put forth an extra effort in preparing for our open house. Your hard work is to be recognized. Many visitors had positiveremarks about the Vo-Tech programs.

I feel it is very important that all citizens and taxpayers visit their schools and see how their tax dollars are being spent to educate the future citizens of this county.

The 1991 national slogan, "Vocational Education -- Classroomof the Future," denotes our exact intent. We in the Carroll County education system will continue to do our best to stay abreast of modern technology and current trade trends.

Thanks again to all who helped make vocational education week a grand success.

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