From: Jo Ann Seabrease

Carol Jackson

Sunset Elementary School

"Secretaries sick of being nurses," which appeared in The Anne Arundel County Sun issue Feb. 20, 1991, does not indicate the true feelings of secretaries at Sunset Elementary.

The article, written by Dianne Williams-Hayes, we feel does portray a serious problem in the county schools. The headline is what we find objectionable. We have tried hard to provide an atmosphere of caring for the students. The play on words in the headline would lead people ti believe that we either by word or deed indicated a negative feeling. This is totally untrue. The secretaries at Sunset are not "sick" of anything. We want our parents to know that we have and will continue to provide the very best possible care for their children.


From: Paul W. Scott

Concerned Citizens for aClean and Safe Environment Inc.

On December 5, 1990, there was a hearing held in Annapolis concerning Al-RAY. A stop-work order was issued because of a zoning violation, and the basis of the order was the landfill's acceptance of medical waste. In this interlocutory order, Mr. Robert C. Wilcox said (that) in the event that the appropriate state agency refuses or is unable to perform test borings, the countyshall secure the services of a qualified independent contractor.

However, that was not the case at all. Again, the county has failed to live up to its word. Yes, we believe they are covering up something, because we wrote Mr. Wilcox a letter asking him to let our geologist be in on the test boring, but he refused to do so.

Mr. Wilcox didn't even give us the respect to even answer our letter. But the county has allowed AL--RAY to hire a geologist. That's like allowing the fox to watch the chicken house. AL--RAY's geologist said they found nothing illegal at AL--RAY. What else would one expect them to say? Who'll bite the hand that feeds them?

No, we do not trust the state or the county because of the way they treated us in this matter. AL--RAY, as of November 15, 1990, had exceeded the elevation of the landfill of 15 feet, and an inspector was on the landfill site every day but wouldn't stop it.

Had it not been for the medical waste found in the landfill, AL--RAY would no doubt still be dumping rubble in there -- that's how careless and unconcerned those inspectors were.

The ferry branch is another problem caused by AL--RAY.Both state and county know all about it, but will not make (the company) correct the problem.

We do strongly advise every community to try and keep these landfills out of your neighborhood, because they are trouble.


From: John Irwin Leonard

Kristen M. Leonard


Governor Schaefer's willingness to sign Maryland's so-called "abortion-rights" bill, which has been dubbed the most liberalin the nation, illustrates the dangerous and shameful state of politics in the United States of America.

Apparently, the treacherous dogma of political expediency reigns in the hearts of much of our "representation." Integrity and personal conviction now kneel in shamefulobeisance to the wet-finger approach to public life; the result meting destruction to those incapable of wielding the political power of the moment.

Any sub-surface scrutiny of the bill reveals its cleverly contrived nature. The "safeguards" of this bill clearly provide the abortionist with an arsenal of premises for denying human rights during all stages of fetal development and denying parental rights during a minor's pregnancy. Phrased in nebulous terms of legal impotence, this bill paves wide the currently protected and profit-laden avenues of abortion on demand, and leaves parents and women in crisis behind to pick up the pieces.

The governor says he is personally disturbed by abortion. He has now lent his signature to another reason to be so. The governor says that he is personally opposed to abortion. Let the weak and helpless beware.


From: W. Ray Huff

District 31 Delegate

In response to a letter to the editor Sunday, February 24, I want to inform the writer that our office does not open until 1 p.m. Mondays. Since many representatives have to travel long distances to attend Monday sessions,it usually begins at 8 p.m.

District 31 representatives pride themselves in listening to concerns of constituents. Our Delegates Cadden, Huff and Charles W. Kolodziejski, Annapolis office uses the "PhoneMail" system. When no one is in the office on weekends (and Monday mornings) callers are greeted by a recorded message. Many callers got through on Monday, February 18, since I received more than 70 messagesat my Pasadena office before noon that day.

There were just as many messages left on our recorder when

our staff arrived Monday afternoon. We are not trying to ignore phone calls! It was just unfortunate that your writer did not get through to the recorded message. However, I obviously already knew your writer's view as she noted she had received a letter from me.

Our recorded message gives other numbers when we may be reached. My Pasadena office number is 647-1111, and my home phone number is 255-0303. Both numbers are listed in your telephone directory as are all public servants.

Since some of the churches asked people at Sunday services to call in regards to the "conscience clause," the deluge of calls may have caused some connectionproblems.

For the record, I did vote for this. I am a pro-choice representative, but I am choice all the way. I do believe hospitals should have the right to refuse recommending people for abortion except if the mother's life is in danger. In that case, I believe they should (accept the mother). That is a medical problem, however. Even though the amendment failed that I supported, I have co-sponsored two other bills currently working their way through the legislature in thisregard.

Your writer questioned my being a Christian. All I can say is I am glad I am being judged by our God, not someone from this Earth.

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