More Terps footballI was pleasantly surprised by...


More Terps football

I was pleasantly surprised by the extra articles the past few weeks on the University of Maryland football team. The excitement of a winning season and the outstanding recruiting job done by the staff have generated widespread interest in the area for our home team.

My hope is that this in-depth coverage continues throughout the year! There are thousands of Maryland football fans who look for these kinds of articles. Thanks for a job well-done!

Joseph W. Lingg


Apology to Telford

I recently wrote a letter that was published in the Feb. 11 letters column. I severely criticized the Orioles and other sponsors responsible for the Winter Carnival. Although much of my annoyance related to the Carnival remains, there is one portion of the letter where I was blatantly out of line. That segment involved my disparagement of Orioles pitcher Anthony Telford.

After the publication of my letter, I received a telephone call from Mr. Telford. During the course of our conversation, Anthony questioned my displeasure of the carnival and offered his apologies for the same. As well, he brought several most valid points to my attention. He pointed out that he had donated his time and effort without recompense or personal gain. After careful reconsideration, I found this most refreshing. In a world of the Steve Carlton-ish, between-the-lines mentality, Mr. Telford should indeed be saluted. To further reinforce this new found lTC opinion, I had the occasion, later in the week, on a local newscast to see Mr. Telford giving of his time at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center. Truly commendable!

As a middle-school teacher and a high school baseball coach, I constantly strive to identify those individuals willing to attain more than the norm, willing to make themselves, as well as those around them, better human beings. I feel, now, through my brief contact with Anthony Telford, that he is certainly one of those rare individuals.

As Mr. Telford pointed out during our conversation, he may never make it in the major leagues, I feel as though he has already made it big in a more important league -- the league of true understanding of and genuine concern for his fellow man.

Thanks Anthony!

$ Christopher Cheswick


Give Palmer a boost

These young Sun sportswriters should give Jim Palmer a boost instead of a knock for having the guts and determination to try a comeback.

Look around and see your old freeloading co-workers, then make up your minds if you want to end up the same road. You can still do it.

Daniel J. Lavery


More MILL coverage

I want to express my concern on the lack of coverage given to the city's MILL Baltimore Thunder. This is a metropolitan area that is home to some of the biggest lacrosse fans in the world. A game that averages more than 8,000 fans at the Baltimore Arena should give you some indication of the interest.

Final score and official standings in the "For the Record" section just doesn't seem to be a fair amount of coverage.

/# Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Lipinski


Another opinion

In response to John Eisenberg's Fact/Opinion column of Feb. 12:Opinion: If we all close our eyes and wish really hard, maybe John Eisenberg will go away.

Eric Wilkes


Support for Cooper

I have followed the Blast since the team first arrived in this city. We have had some great years, and some not-so-great years, but this year and the years to come have the potential to be the best years since our championship season, thanks to Kenny Cooper's coaching abilities.

Through a number of trades and the recent draft, we now have the speed and talent to overcome the San Diegos of the league. It may not come this year, but with Cooper in control, it will come soon.

As for Dale Mitchell, I believe once he finally settles down and enjoys the team, he will again become the great goal scorer he was in the past. Even though it was a fabulous trade to bring Dale here in the first place, he shouldn't have to shoulder the burden with such great goal scorers as Billy Ronson, Domenic Mobilio and Rusty Troy playing beside him. This team is built on the foundation that no one stands above the other. It is a total team effort. Cooper should not be blamed for Dale's adjustment season.

Secondly, it takes more than a game with San Diego to bring out the crowds. Cooper is the biggest supporter of this city, and he really goes out of his way to introduce people to the great game of indoor soccer. As for the attendance problems, the important factor to remember is the league as a whole is in trouble, not just this city. The true faithfuls will always be there during the good, as well as the bad.

Finally, anyone who believes Cooper should go and Ron Newman come in, just remember that Newman allows his players to take dives for fouls, and he also runs up the score on lesser opponents. Has winning become more important than integrity? Once the chemistry comes together, blending the old with the new, Cooper is the coach who can once again bring home a championship.

Kim May

Severna Park

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