Love among the luresThe place was the...


Love among the lures

The place was the Long Beach (Calif.) Convention Center. The event was the Western Fishing Tackle and Boat Show. The perfect site for a wedding.

Pam Stratmeyer and Tim Scott of Fullerton, Calif., were married at the convention center Thursday. They walked to the altar under a row of crossed fishing poles, held by some of the 100 guests in attendance. And then the couple stood beneath a fishing canopy decorated with colorful lures and exchanged wedding vows.

This could spawn other such weddings. Especially if couples gehooked on it. And we're not handing you a line. So get reel.

Time's not on their side

Blackie Sherrod of The Dallas Morning News has been a

sportswriter a long time. How long? Well, he's old enough not only to be the grandfather of most of the players he now covers, but also of many of the coaches. Or, as he put it in a recent column:

"Several senior members of the [sportswriting] lodge may be erring grievously when we scoff at the prospect of a collegiate football playoff for a national champeenship. We have heard the talk for so long that we have despaired it would ever be an actuality.

" 'Not in my lifetime!' is a popular declaration from the elders. And of course, this is a disclaimer of sort. In our crowd, there is no guarantee that lifetime will last past next Thursday."

Taking the high road

Before last night's Riddick Bowe-Tyrell Biggs heavyweight fight, there was some of that sparkling repartee that makes the fight game so lovely.

"Bowe's got a big mouth," said Biggs' trainer, Mack Kurihara "We'll knock him out and shut his mouth. Riddick Bowe couldn't shine George Chuvalo's shoes."

Ah, but that was just a bit of charming nostalgia for those who remember journeyman boxer Chuvalo.

Bowe responded in kind: "I hope Tyrell can take his trainer's whipping for him. This trainer has made me angry. I'm going out there with intentions of really hurting Biggs as opposed to just wanting to win the fight."

And then Bowe made reference to Biggs' troubled past in continuing the verbal attack.

"Biggs is a former drug addict," Bowe said. "When I thoroughly whip him, the kids will see that there's a better way to live their lives."

Such as staying out of boxing, for instance.

The quote

Golfer Lee Trevino: "I've never had a coach in my life. When I find one who can beat me, then I'll listen."

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