Capitals suspend Kordic indefinitely


LANDOVER -- Right wing John Kordic's future with the Washington Capitals appeared very shaky last night after he failed to show for a game against the New York Islanders at the Capital Centre and was suspended indefinitely by general manager David Poile.

Poile suspended Kordic after Capitals coach Terry Murray called Poile and told him that Kordic apparently had another flare-up with an alcohol problem.

Murray said, "I called his [Kordic's] apartment at 5:45 [last night] and the sound of his voice indicated to me he had the same problem as before [Kordic was suspended for eight days last month for what was described as an alcohol problem]."

Murray said he talked to Kordic for only about 45 seconds before hanging up and calling Poile.

"We're at a point where we can't rely on him," said Murray. "He's letting himself down big time. We got him professional help when we went out of town, and John told the team it was up to him to beat the problem."

Murray said that Kordic admitted to his teammates that he was an alcoholic and said, "I need your support in this, but I know I have to do it myself."

According to Murray, Kordic was attending his "scheduled meetings" to deal with the problem and his Capitals teammates were "willing to go to concerts with John and do things with him to help him."

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