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When musicians gather in Ocean City in March for the convention of the Maryland Music Educators Association, 75 young musicians will be representing Anne Arundel County as members of the seven All-State performing groups.

More than 4,100 music students in grades seven through 12 auditioned for the groups last November at Westminster, whilethe vocalists gathered at four other sites in Maryland. Those chosento participate in the seven groups were notified in late December orearly January.

The students reported to various sites in Ocean City Feb. 28 and todayto begin an extensive rehearsal schedule with a variety of guestconductors. The convention culminates in a concert, which is open tothe public, at the Convention Center in Ocean City.

The concerts begin at 10 a.m. Saturday, March 2, with the Senior High Jazz Ensemble, a group of 24 musicians under the direction of Arthur Dawkins of Howard University in Washington, D.C.

At 2 p.m., the 122-member Junior Chorus will take the stage under the direction of Mary Hoffmann of the University of Illinois. An hour later, the Junior Orchestra's 106 musicians will perform under the direction of Dorothy Straub, conductor of the Fairfield Youth Orchestra and president-elect of the Music Educators National Conference.

Jim Roper will take the baton at4 p.m. as conductor of the 650-strong Junior Band. Mr. Roper is the band director at DeMatha High School in Laurel.

At 12:30 p.m. Sunday, March 3, the first concert will be given by the 222 vocalists of the Senior Chorus, under the direction of Rodney Eichenberger of Florida State University. Following at 1:30 p.m., the Senior Orchestra's 258 musicians will perform with Gerald Fischbach of the University ofMaryland. Fischbach was the guest conductor in December 1989 of the Anne Arundel Senior All-County Orchestra.

The final performance onSunday will be at 2:30 p.m., as the Senior Band takes the stage, conducted by Eugene Corpran of the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory. More than 850 musicians auditioned for the 107 seats of the group.

The following is a list of county students selected for the Maryland All-State Music Performance Groups:

*Annapolis Senior High

Rebecca Krimins, flute, Senior Orchestra

Rebecca Dunn, bassoon, Senior Orchestra

Jeanine Wilson, violin II, Senior Orchestra

Jennifer Boisseau, violin II, Senior Orchestra

Jason Walbridge, cello, Senior Orchestra

Theresa Baumgardner, trumpet, Junior Band

Scott Hughes, percussion

Dan Beilman, trombone, Senior Jazz Band

Ronald Stafford, bass, Senior Chorus

*Arundel Junior High

Tracey Lutz, soprano I, Junior Chorus

Karen Zucco, soprano I, Junior Chorus

*Arundel Senior High

Heather Haughn, violin I,Senior Orchestra

Raina Bien, violin II, Senior Orchestra

Christine Woods, cello, Senior Orchestra

Deanna Barney, vibes, Senior Jazz Band

Patricia Weimer, soprano II, Senior Chorus

*Broadneck Senior High

Kristan Lacijan, horn, Senior Orchestra

Jennifer Heidler, violin I, Senior Orchestra

Kevin Clark, violin I, Senior Orchestra

Kimberly Kopka, violin I, Senior Orchestra

Bryan Jones, string bass, Senior Orchestra

Heather Bagnall, soprano II, Senior Chorus

*Central Middle

Michael Kolb, violin III, Junior Orchestra

*Chesapeake Bay Middle

Jessica Simmons, sopranoI, Junior Chorus

Robert Rizer, bass, Junior Chorus

*Chesapeake Senior High

Brian Sanders, trumpet, Senior Orchestra

Margaret Bae, violin I, Senior Orchestra

Amy Neuenschwander, violin II,Senior Orchestra

Benson Hardesty, cello, Junior Orchestra

Brian Null, tenor, Junior Chorus

*Crofton Middle School

Nicole Sledz, violin III, Junior Orchestra

Brian Goodwin, string bass, Junior Orchestra

*George Fox Middle

Bryan Goldman, bass, Junior Chorus

*Glen Burnie Senior

Natalie Ateto, violin I, Senior Orchestra

*McArthur Middle

Andrew Grams, violin II, Junior Orchestra

Mi Hye Koun, violin II, Junior Orchestra

Daniel Obregon, trombone, Junior Band

*Meade Senior High

Amanda Cregan, flute, Junior Orchestra

Steve Lebischak, tenor, Senior Chorus

Richard Hegman, tenor, Junior Chorus

*Old Mill Middle South

Thomas Mann, trombone, Junior Band

Jason Harlan, clarinet, Junior Band

*Old Mill Senior

G. Christopher Hruska, cello, Senior Orchestra

Karl Clodfelter, tuba, Junior Band

Mike Combs, bass, Senior Jazz Band

Deanna Kreiss, soprano I, Senior Chorus

Melanie Tyre, soprano I, Senior Chorus

Douglas Montequin, bass, Senior Chorus

Eugene Summers, bass, Senior Chorus

Charles Rogers, tenor, Senior Chorus

*Severna Park High

Goeff Atkinson, violin II, Senior Orchestra

Rachel Cooper, violin II, Senior Orchestra

Soo Youn, viola, Senior Orchestra

Holly Gillerlain, cello, Senior Orchestra

Erika Lessey, cello, Senior Orchestra

David Ng, violin I, Junior Chorus

Harry Chang, violin II, Junior Chorus

Allison Cole, violin II, Junior Orchestra

Linda Herath, viola, Junior Chorus

Rebecca Davids, viola, Junior Chorus

Jennifer Lin, cello, Junior Chorus

Jeff Chen, cello, Junior Chorus

Ann Shaffer, cello, Junior Chorus

Emily Lemmerman, percussion, Junior Band

Jennifer Maitland, alto, Senior Chorus

Jessica Hause, alto, Senior Chorus

*Severna Park Middle

Meredith Lessey, violin I, Junior Orchestra

Kenneth Keech, violin III, Junior Orchestra

Emily Mazz, clarinet, Junior Band

Ryan McFeeley, alto, Junior Chorus

Cynthia Holliday, soprano II, Junior Chorus

Tara Taylor, soprano II, Junior Chorus

*Severn River Jr. High

Melanie Morrison, violin I, Junior Orchestra

Kiersten Wise, violin I, Junior Orchestra

Rachel Caldwell, violin II, Junior Orchestra

Kathleen LaPenta, violin III, Junior Orchestra

Rebecca Carson, cello, Junior Orchestra

Marie LaPenta, cello, Junior Orchestra

John B. McGinnis, string bass, Junior Orchestra

Elizabeth Winter, soprano I, Junior Chorus

*Southern Senior

William Hawthorne, string bass, Senior Orchestra

*Annapolis Area Christian School

Stephanie Taylor, flute, Junior Band

*Baltimore School for the Arts

Mukhtar Ramsey, flute, Senior Orchestra

Nils Fredland, trombone, Senior Band

*St. Mary's, Annapolis

Mac MacWilliams, violin II, Senior Orchestra

*Indian Creek School

Austin Johnson, tenor,Junior Chorus

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