Military campaign praised by Major WAR IN THE GULF


LONDON -- British Prime Minister John Major hailed yesterday the liberation of Kuwait as "one of the most remarkable military campaigns of all time."

Mr. Major told a packed and cheering House of Commons, "Our troops have performed magnificently. Right has prevailed. . . . We must now look to the future and secure peace."

He outlined the terms for a permanent cease-fire, placing elimination of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction at the top of his agenda.

"Through the United Nations we shall . . . seek a commitment from Iraq to destroy under international supervision all its ballistic missiles and weapons of mass destruction and not to acquire such weapons in the future."

He stressed resolution of the Palestinian problem. Any agreement, he said, "must provide for the security of Kuwait and other countries of the gulf. It must also deal with the other problems of the region, above all that of the Palestinians."

Other European leaders hailed the allied victory.

"We all have reason to rejoice over the imminent end of the war and the end of the suffering of people who were affected by it," German Chancellor Helmut Kohl told a news conference. "After the end of the military conflict, it is important now to achieve a lasting and just peace order for the Near and Middle East."

In Paris, Defense Minister Pierre Joxe told a news conference that the United Nations should play a major role in keeping peace in the region.

"The time for the United Nations has come once again," he said.

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