Guillermo Ungo, 59, who headed the political...


Guillermo Ungo, 59, who headed the political wing of El Salvador's guerrilla movement, died of a heart attack today in Mexico City. He returned from exile in Panama in 1989 to head his own party, the National Revolutionary Movement. Mr. Ungo was a candidate for the Salvadoran National Assembly in elections set for March 10 and had been a presidential candidate in 1989. He served on El Salvador's governing junta from 1979 to 1980 and in 1972 ran for vice president on the ticket headed by the late former President Jose Napoleon Duarte. After the junta was dissolved, Mr. Ungo and other members formed the Revolutionary Democratic Front, the political wing of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front guerrilla movement.

Virginia Mae Brown, 67, the first woman to serve on the federal Interstate Commerce Commission, died of a heart attack Sunday in Charleston, W.Va. President Lyndon B. Johnson appointed Ms. Brown to the Interstate Commerce Commission in 1964. She later was chairwoman before stepping down in 1979 to become president and chairwoman of the board of the Buffalo Bank of Eleanor in West Virginia.

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