The Fair Lanes $150,000 PBA Open is in full swing at Fair Lanes Kings Point, the year-old state-of-the-art bowling center in Randallstown.

The finals on Saturday will be televised, but there's still timeto get to the lanes and see the professional bowlers in action todayand tomorrow.

It's too late to bowl in the pro-am competition, but there's nextyear.

Who bowls in the pro-am events?

Well, from Anne Arundel County this year we had a motorcycle rider, a NASA retiree, a couple of pretty fair golfers and a husband-and-wife team who just likes to bowl.

Rosandi Anderson, whom everyone calls Andy, bowls in the Monday Pro Am League at Southdale Fair Lanes and carries a 135 average. Anderson has been bowling for only two years; he's been a member of the motorcycle club, Concert on Wheels, of Annapolis, for a lot longer.

Anderson, a longshoreman at the Baltimore docks, has a high gameof 190 in his short bowling career and is bowling in his second pro-am.

His league team, the House Rockers, is in first place.

How did he decide to bowl with the pros? His friend Rodney White talked him into it.

"But it's really a lot of fun," Anderson said. "The pros are so easy-going and so ready to help that I never really felt nervous. It's just a great experience."

Ethel and John Davis of Pasadena bowl in the Pro Am League at Southdale when they're not on the golf course.

Ethel has a handicap of 15 and John's is 17. And they also find time to bowl at Greenway Odenton in a Wednesday night league. Ethel has a 154 average and John carries a 175 with a high game of265.

The Davises made it a family event at the Pro Am last Sunday, bowling with their sister-in-law, Alva Wise, their brother-in-law, Pete Petersen, and their daughter, Kelly. Kelly has an average of 130but she picked the Pro Am to throw a big set, a scratch 521.

As an executive at Key Federal Savings Bank, John Davis knows a little bit about organization.

"Everything went smoothly at the Pro-Am," John said. "It seemed so much better organized than it was last year at Woodlawn. Everyone in the family had a great time. We were able to bowl with three great bowlers, Gene McCune, Art Trask and the new president of the PBA, Mark McDowell."

Stephen J. Evan, who has been bowling for 40 years, still carries a 170 average in the Pro Am league at Southdale and the NASA Goddard league at Greenway Bowl Odenton.

The Millersville resident is retired from a career at NASA. In addition to his bowling, he plans singles dances, the LA Singles and theBWA Singles, at Moose halls, the Knights of Columbus halls and the Holiday Inns in the area.

Evan likes to bowl in tournaments when hehas the time. "I cash once in a while in the NABI tournaments, and last year George Ensor and I won the doubles event in the ABT tournament," he said.

Evan has a high game of 279 and a high series of 640. Not bad for a guy who spends as much time dancing as he does bowling.

The Bensons, Bonnie and Woody, have been bowling for only aboutthree years. Bonnie had been a bowler but hadn't picked up a ball for over 10 years until three years ago. Woody, who is employed by Ingram Book Co. of Jessup, just started bowling three years ago.

Now Bonnie has an average of 154 with a high game of 245 and a high seriesof 559, and Woody carries a 143 with a high series of 524 and a highgame of 202. They bowl in the Pro Am league at Southdale, where Bonnie is the secretary of the league.

Born and raised in Anne ArundelCounty, they live in Pasadena. This is the third year that they've bowled in the PBA Pro Am event. In Woody's first Pro Am, in 1989, he cashed for $90. In that same tournament, Bonnie, who is employed in the data processing field by ICC, was short just 20 pins from cashing.

If you missed bowling in the Pro-Am this year, remember, you stillcan see the pros finish this tournament. From 7 until 10 p.m. today there will be eight games of match play. On Friday, from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m., and from 6:15 until 10:15 p.m., eight more games of match play will be contested.

The finals on Saturday will feature the topfive players competing in a stepladder event for the $30,000 first prize.


The 11th annual Ladies All-Star Classic will take placeMarch 16 and 17, at Riviera Bowl. This is a chance to watch the top women duckpin bowlers in the nation competing against each other. Don't miss it; I won't.

* *Duckpins

* Greenway Bowl

Friday Independent Mixed

Earl Adams 196/431

Wanda Murphy 136/370

Dan Flechner 142/364

Doris Bilson 127/359

Don Brown 131/364

Vicki Axton 117/340

U.S. Coast Guard

Babs Halley 170/414

Norma Heisler 143/374

Brenda Wenger 140/367

Bud Bessling 174/430

Bruce Shones 164/412

Jim Oswinkle 141/389

Wednesday Carefree Ladies

Kathy Leonard 153/387

Carol Miller 146/374

Mary Bavis 151/372

Greenway House Majors

Butch Rupert 173/487

Joe Novak 172/485

Chuck Shifflett 179/474

Ron Nalli 169/453

Charlie Warnick 169/459

Monday Morning Ladies

Elaine Johnannson 176/367

Livi Lahdehna 149/394

Carol Miller 151/380

Lil's Seniors

Frank Lipieko 152/376

Isabelle Beagle 131/348

Ed Blair 137/352

Dot Jackman 131/369

* Severna Park Lanes

Carrollton Manor

The Woodchoppers 597/610/611/1818

Jim Macey 148/419

Gordie Kamsch 170/419

Shari Cerio 166/369

Kelly Reightler 125/349

End ofstory ARbowlin

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