Six students will represent St. John the Evangelist School in the county Science and Technology Fair, which will take place March 23 at Anne Arundel Community College.

The students and their projects are: Kimberly Hartka, eighth grade, "Which container retains a hamburger's heat the longest?"; Rebecca Kratz, eighth grade, "Which concentration of acid rain affects fescue grass?"; Chad Langville, eighth grade, "Which (airplane) wing tip shape has the maximum efficiency?"; Kathleen McMurray, seventh grade, "How does music affect a gerbil's heartbeat?"; B. J. Remencus, seventh grade, "Which soap reduces bacterial growth the best?"; and Anthony Zaccola, eighth grade, "Which pH should homeowners strive for to obtain optimum growth of grass seed?"

These students were chosen as winners from 32 junior high students who participated in the 11th Junior Researchers' Seminar Feb. 22 atthe school.

About 97 students constructed science projects and gave an oral and written report during science class to their instructor, Connie Lavallee.

Lavallee then chose the 32 students to competebefore five judges: Joanne Daniels, a registered nurse; Harry Kosky, an electrical engineer; Giacomo Libatore, an oceanographer; Donald Polvani, a physicist; and Lois Waters, a chemistry instructor.

Tenstudents were chosen for the final round. These students gave a presentation of their projects to the fifth- through eighth-graders.

From these ten, the judges chose the final six, who received ribbons, medallions and the green light to go to the upcoming fair.

Lavallee said all students are invited to participate in the fair at the community college.

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