Robert R. Neall broke local campaign spending records to get electedcounty executive last year. But he's still raising money, beginning tonight with a $200-a-head fund-raiser.

State election board records show that the well-heeled Republican raised more than $475,000 through Nov. 26 and spent more than $460,000.


The campaign ended in the black after the last bills were paid and the last contributions trickled in, said Donald Riddle, chairman ofNeall's continuing committee.

But the committee is now more than $4,000 in debt because Neall threw a post-election party for about 400 of his closest friends, Riddle said.


Gift clocks must be paid for, said ex-campaign manager David Almy. Acrylic commemorative clocks with a "Neall in 90" logo were given to volunteers, he said.

"I don't think they were very expensive," he said, "but that's not a very friendly thing to say to the volunteers."

Neall also needs lunch money to entertain those whose interests might involve politics more than county business, Almy said.

Riddle said he expects about 125 friendly people to show up tonight at the Old South Country Club in Lothian. They should help start Neall on the road to re-election, or wherever else he hopes to go, he said.

Nobody is saying whether Neall has his hopes set on returning to the Arundel Center in 1994 or if he wants to move a few blocks up to the governor's mansion.

"Thereare certainly people out there indicating that (the governor's mansion), but there has been very little talk that way in the Neall inner circle," Riddle said. "Bob's got his hands full running Anne Arundel County right now and keeping it (in the) black."