Walsh taps colleagueMartin W. Walsh Jr., who...


Walsh taps colleague

Martin W. Walsh Jr., who was moved last year from his post as Maryland's environmental chief to the nuts-and-bolts job as state secretary of general services, has tapped a fellow retired Army officer to serve as one of his four assistants.

Carl A. Damico, 56, a retired U.S. Army Corps of Engineers construction chief who supervised federal projects worldwide, has been named assistant secretary for facilities management. Mr. Damico will oversee the state's capital construction projects as well as the operation and maintenance of state buildings and properties.

Mr. Damico worked together with Mr. Walsh, a former U.S. Army officer, in the Army corps' Baltimore district office. He succeeds Eric S. Walbeck, who retired at the end of last year.

Quote of the day

"I want people to have some courage. Take the bull by the tail and look him square in the face."

Comptroller Louis L. Goldstein, urging politicians to support the Linowes tax restructuring proposals


10 a.m.: House and Senate convene, State House.

11 a.m.: House Appropriations Committee considers state takeover of the Baltimore City Jail and other bills proposing state assumption of city court and other costs, Room 130, House Office Building.

1 p.m.: Senate Finance Committee considers series of bills involving automobile insurance rates, Presidential Wing, Senate Office Building.

4:30 p.m.: House and Senate budget committees meet with bond rating agencies, Room 130, House Office Building.

There are 39 days remaining in the 1991 General Assembly session.

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