A Baltimore County man pleaded guilty Monday to assaulting two county police officers, resisting arrest and driving while intoxicated, all charges stemming from a routine traffic stop in April.

Circuit Judge James B. Dudley sentenced Ivan Burrell, 29, to three years and three months in prison and suspended all but 90 days of the sentence. Burrell will be given credit for the 22 days he has already served.

He will serve the remainder of his sentence in 17 consecutive four-day weekends to allow him to keep his job at Sunshine Painting and Home Improvements in Columbia.

Dudley also ordered Burrell to abstain from alcohol for two years and to undergo alcohol counseling.

Burrell was charged with assaulting county police officers Victor Reimer and Steven Stanton and state police trooper Gregory Taylor in theApril 7 incident.

Police say Taylor stopped Burrell on suspicion of swerving and crossing the double yellow line several times. He then tried to ascertain whether Burrell was driving under the influence of alcohol and questioned him to determine whether he was driving a stolen car.

Shortly after off-duty officer Stanton arrived at the scene, Burrell pushed and kicked him, said Assistant State's Attorney Kate O'Donnell. When Riemer arrived, Burrell spat at him and bit him on the wrist, she said.

Burrell's public defender, Elizabeth Osterman, said that her client, who had previously suffered a severe arm injury, was trying to protect himself and acted out of fear.

"Ivan Burrell was by far the most seriously injured person that night," Osterman said.

Burrell sustained a fractured shoulder and head injuries during the confrontation with the police officers, she said.

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