Manly advice from a film designer


Men who wish they could have the benefit of a Hollywood wardrober might be interested in a bit of fashion advice from designer Nino Cerruti. Cerruti is dressed the men in "Pretty Woman," "Reversal of Fortune" and "Wall Street."

On the single vs. double-breasted issue, Cerruti says double-breasted suits have been more popular recently. He also says that a double-breasted suit gives a man a greater air of authority than a single-breasted suit. Wide lapels and the line of buttons also tend to make a man look taller and slimmer. A lot of men think double-breasted suits make them look heavier because of the extra fabric.

Cerruti also believes in cuffs. Because popular fabrics are lightweight, a cuff improves the way the pants hang. Pants should break slightly at the vamp of the shoe. The pant bottom should not swing in the breeze, barely skimming the shoe, and it should not buckle into a wad of fabric that hangs over the shoe.

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