Spring will put some dazzle into drab male closets


Men, if your idea of a sleep aid is to count the number of white shirts in your closet, it's time for a change.

Lucky for you, this spring spins out enough news in prints, stripes, fabrics and accessories that thinking about it all should keep you up at night. The recent spring menswear review sponsored by the Men's Fashion Association showed the new trends for the season. From horizontally striped dress shirts to leather anoraks, spring is at least exciting enough to keep you awake at night at least for a while.

While you're pacing the floors, you may be comforted to know that men's lounge wear is in an unrivaled revival. Whether you pace in brightly printed boxer shorts with contrasting bands at the hem from Boston Regatta, or slither in boldly printed silk robes and pajamas from Joe Boxer or cuddle in crazy prints from Charles Goodnight, you'll at least have something amusing to ponder.

Men's casual clothing gets a dose of color for spring. Indigo denim turns green, brown and even red and purple. Naturally, no simple polo shirt could complement such an ensemble: Enter the polo that is printed with floral or abstract patterns and the color-blocked shirt with alternating sections of usually bright color combinations.

You don't have to give up your jeans and blazer for a night on the town. The new trendy look replaces the standard navy blazer with a tweed jacket or small houndstooth check blazer.

Gone is the white mock turtleneck: The must-have shirts for spring are either a sand-washed denim or a chambray shirt with more tailoring than your farm-variety work shirts.

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