No contract? Blame the in-laws


SARASOTA, Fla. -- It isn't unusual for Gregg Olson to be unsigned for the coming season, but there's a better explanation for it this year.

Jeff Moorad, his agent, got married Feb. 9, which is enough on its own to slow negotiations. What made this special was that Moorad married the former Jan Johnson -- Olson's sister-in-law.

"It was an all-star wedding," said Olson's wife, Jill, who introduced the two via long distance. The guest list included several million dollars worth of athletes who are Moorad clients, including Olson, Cory Snyder of the White Sox and Houston Oilers quarterback Warren Moon.

There are several stories about this marital matchup, including one that had Moorad telling Olson, after he first met Jill, "She's the marrying kind; let me know if she has a sister."

What actually happened was that Jan, a former Miss Alabama runner-up, met Moorad while in San Francisco on job interviews. "I called Jeff and asked him to take her to dinner," said Jill Olson. There was no arbitration involved. And there won't be for Olson either -- at least for another year.

The righthanded relief ace said he's open-minded about the length of his contract. "There are pluses and minuses to either a one- or two-year contract," he said, "so either way will be OK."

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