The Governor's Drug and Alcohol Abuse Commission will visit Howard County tomorrow to discuss its goals for the coming year and to learn about regional efforts to deal with the problem of substance abuse.

The commission will meet with County Executive Charles I. Ecker, the County Council, the county Alcohol and Drug Abuse Advisory Board and others involved in drug prevention at the county level.

The 21-member commission was formed two years ago to study the manner in which the problem of drug abuse is approached from such different areas as law enforcement, education, prevention and treatment.

To prepare its annual report to Gov. William Donald Schaefer, the commission visits each county to get a better understanding of the drug problem statewide, said Ruth Phillips, executive assistant to the commission.

"What are the problems in each jurisdiction? What's helpful in making an impact and what are the needs and gaps in services?" These are the questions commission members will be asking during their county visits, Phillips said.

As part of their day-long visit, commission members will attend sessions of the Drug Abuse Resistance Training education programs at Glenwood Middle School and Phelps Luck Elementary School.

Lt. Gov. Melvin A. Steinberg will award theGovernor's Citation of Excellence to the following individuals for their drug-prevention efforts:

The members of the Howard County Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board: Bonnie L. Goldschmidt, David C. Ennis, Michael Otterbacher, John Z. Levay and George Layman; Maggie Brown ofthe county administrator's office; Dana Decrisi and Director Frank McGloin of the Health Department's Addictions Services Center.

Also: Elizabeth Buckley of the Rouse Co.; Sgt. Louis "Bo" Halsup of the county Police Department's youth division; Mary Dixon of the county school system; Dr. Joyce Boyd, director of the Howard County Health Department; the Orchard Hill Treatment Center; and the Changing Point Treatment Center.

The commission and the county Alcohol Drug Abuse Advisory Board will answer questions from the public from 3 to 3:30 p.m. in the Tyson Room of the George Howard Building.

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