ANY DISCUSSION OF A '60S REVIVAL INEVITABLY ELICITS AT LEAST A FEW GROANS OF HORROR, ESPECIALLY among those who've already lived through white lipstick, go-go boots and the similar excesses of the period.

Be assured, however, that what lies ahead for spring is nowhere near as extreme as those memories. The greatest '60s influence evident in the stores is the return of bolder colors in lively combinations and the use of simply cut, defined shapes like the chemise, trapeze and shift, but with a softer '90s edge.

Only a few designers were turned on by baby-doll dresses and bell-bottoms; a great many more looked to the elegant Jackie O styles from the early part of the decade, complete with white shorty gloves.

Intense color combinations of pink and orange and green and turquoise may be the first to grab the eye, but there's a whole new palette of pales to consider, given contrast with bright white accessories. Classic red, white and blue gets a new spin in Mondrian color blocks.

Skirts continue short, just brushing the knee at the mosconservative. Over top of the crisp little dress or short little skirt, the jacket of the moment is usually matching, in a seven-eighths length. For rainy days, the newest topper is a short, plastic trench trimmed in a citrusy bright, or perhaps dotted with whimsical silver coins.

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