'Citizen Kane' to return to theaters


LOS ANGELES -- "Citizen Kane," considered by many critics to be the greatest American film, will be reissued for commercial theatrical release on May 1, exactly 50 years after it was first shown in movie theaters.

The film, the story of a newspaper tycoon's rise to wealth and power, was directed, written and produced by Orson Welles, then 25 years old, who also starred as the publisher, Charles Foster Kane.

Though widely seen on television and in film school courses, "Citizen Kane" has not been given an unlimited run in movie theaters in more than 30 years, said executives at Paramount Pictures and Turner Entertainment Co., which are releasing the film.

In preparation for the release, a new and sharper print and soundtrack have been made, but the new copy will be in the original black and white, not color.

Initially, "Citizen Kane," which has won several polls to name the best film of all time, will be shown in specialty houses in New York, Los Angeles and five other cities, with broader distribution following.

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